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Qualified Mental Health Professional in India

Are you looking for the Qualified Mental Health Professional in India, you are at the right place. At Holisticali Your,  Dr. Shubhika Singh is your best and qualified mental health professional in India.  Contact us today if you need mental health treatment in India.

Shubhika Singh Professional Qualified Mental Health Expert in India

Shubhika Singh Qualified Mental Health Professional in India

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I’m Shubhika Singh Chundawat (Preferred pronouns: She/Her), a licensed Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist in India and I hope to guide you through life’s complex, uncertain and difficult matters. 

I believe that it isn't easy to take that first step towards therapy/intervention. And, since you have already taken that step, it is natural to have concerns about whom you are approaching for guidance. So, let me briefly tell you about myself and my experiences. 

Transitions and adapting to newer environments have always been part of my life since childhood. I come from a background of armed forces which is why I was familiar with frequent change and uncertainty. To prove this, I can tell you that I have changed 10 schools in my life and have lived in many more cities in the country. 

Speaking of my professional background, I have a BA in Psychology and Economics from Lady Shri Ram College for Women (LSR), Delhi University (2014), an MA in Applied Psychology (specialization in counseling) from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai (TISS) (2016), and an M.Phil (i.e. Residential Clinical Training) in Clinical Psychology from Post Graduate Institute of Behavioral & Medical Sciences,  Raipur (PGIBMS) (2020), accredited by Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). My current license credential ID is RCI-2021-103905-A.

Highly Qualified Mental Health Professional in India

I am involved with the subject of psychology for 10 years and have been providing my services in the field for the past 6 years. I am trained in working with both clinical and non-clinical adult populations. I have provided a number of specialized therapeutic services in settings across Delhi, Mumbai, and Raipur, to people belonging to different Indian cultural backgrounds and socio-economic statuses. Currently, I am working with clients who are based both in India and outside India (Non-resident Indians). 
Client well-being and satisfaction is my number one priority, and I work collaboratively with the client(s) to help them through challenging life experiences.

I hereby, welcome you to an insightful experience and journey of knowing yourself better.

We provide a wide range of psychological services both in-person and online. Our goal is to alleviate your distress and in doing so, help you understand yourself more deeply, better cope with future life stressors and find meaning/purpose.

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