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  • To read the PRIVACY POLICY for Holistically Yours, please visit

  • We do not do an intake pre-session call/ “assessment” call with clients. The initial assessment/ case history is explored only in the sessions. 
We do not engage in discussions by phone prior to therapy assessment since any opinions offered would be speculative, and since this is not contracted time. 
If the client has any previous therapy notes/pointers and/or psycho diagnostic/clinical assessment reports that they want to share prior to their treatment, they have the freedom to share it with the therapist via email for more context. 


  • The fee charges mentioned on the website for all the services are given keeping Indian residents in mind. If you are an international client or based oversees, charges will vary which can be discussed with your therapist prior booking. If it is revealed that you manipulated your socio-demographic details for financial concerns, we reserve the right to immediately terminate therapy or cancel your bookings without refund. 

  • All the relevant therapy related information i.e. information about the therapist, her working style, work experience, fee charges, service descriptions and payment method are all put on the website. Please go through it to make an informed decision for yourself. 
If you still have a specific query, please feel free to message or email and we will promptly respond. 


1. All interactions with the therapist, including scheduling of or attendance at appointments, content of your sessions, progress in counseling, and your records are confidential.
    2. Exceptions to confidentiality are: 

    - If there is evidence of clear and imminent danger of harm to self and/or others, a therapist is legally required to report this information to the authorities responsible for ensuring safety.
- If for some rare reason, your therapist receives a court order, s/he will be obligated to release information. This might happen if a person's mental health came into question during legal proceedings.
    3. Confidentiality should be discussed at the first consultation if the client believes it is an issue.

    - Sessions are organized for an agreed date and time. If you are late attending the session, please inform the therapist.
    - If you are late attending the session, I will stay online for 15 minutes to allow for any eventualities.
    - If you do not make contact within this time then the session will be considered missed and will be cancelled.
    - If you are late attending your session, we will still end on the original time for the session.

    - To cancel and reschedule, please contact us 24 hours in advance. Twenty-four hour notice of cancellation allows us to use the time for others.
    - No refunds will be initiated if 1 day notification isn't provided.
    - If for some rare emergency situation, your therapist cancels your appointment, you will be notified and full fee amount will be refunded.

  • If it becomes inappropriate to continue treating a client for clinical, safety, non cooperation, inappropriate communication, supervisors direction, or non payment reasons, including if the client has not revealed pertinent facts about their condition from the outset that effect appropriateness of ongoing treatment, or failed to engage in the process through attendance or otherwise, we reserve the right to terminate therapy. 
Interpersonal relationship between therapist and client is important to the therapeutic process and when it is not positive or healthy, it is also appropriate to refer. 


  • You understand that you must not attend for a session under the influence of drugs or alcohol other than properly used prescription medication. If this occurs treatment will be refused but you will be liable for the session fee. If you attend in an aggressive state, then appropriate self defence and health and safety applications will apply, and the fee will apply. Referral issues will then also apply.

  • The therapy relationship begins and ends at the therapy room. Basic queries are welcome by email or SMS but other questions should be presented during therapy sessions.


  • If at any stage self harming or suicidal feelings/thoughts/passing ideas exist or come up, you must tell your therapist even if these are below life threatening level. 
If they exceed that level, you can only be assisted if you also refer yourself to emergency care. You must inform your therapist of any changes.

  • If your appointment is not reflected in the Google Calendar system, and/or is not otherwise confirmed by private message (SMS / email) then you do not have an appointment. If in doubt email or SMS to check with as much warning as possible.

  • Letters and requests to employers or universities to evidence mental health conditions/psychological fitness will be charged at the session rate.

Office Hours are Available By Appointment

Office Hours are Available By Appointment

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