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Shubhika Singh Chundawat: Qualified Mental Health Professional

(Psychologist for 10 years)

Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist in India

Dr. Shubhika Singh Chundawat is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, and qualified mental health professional in India.


She has a BA in Psychology and Economics from Lady Shri Ram College for Women (LSR), Delhi University (2014), an MA in Applied Psychology (specialization in counseling) from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai (TISS) (2016), and an M.Phil (i.e. Clinical Training) in Clinical Psychology from Post Graduate Institute of Behavioral & Medical Sciences,  Raipur (PGIBMS) (2020), accredited by Rehabilitation Council of India.

She is involved with the subject of psychology for 10 years and has been providing my services in the field for the past 6 years.

She has provided a number of specialized therapeutic services in settings across Delhi, Mumbai, and Raipur, to those dealing with challenging life experiences.

Best Clinical Psychologist or a Qualified Mental Health Professional in India

Clinical Psychologists are Qualified Mental Health Professional in India who are trained and healthcare experts in the field of psychometrics such as emotional, behavioral, and mental disorder social assessment, psychological evaluation, and diagnosis.


They are capable of helping people who need assistance with emotional or behavioral problems.   A Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist in India does not prescribe medicine rather they make use of Psychological therapies, Psychological examination, clinical formulation, diagnosis, and psychotherapy to cure their patients.


They keep a keen eye within the context of the history of the issues and contributing factors, such as genetic predisposition, social and family influences, and psychological coping styles. Qualified Mental Health Professional.

What is meant by Clinical Psychology?

Clinical Psychology is the branch of medicine that deals with the application to the examination, diagnosis, and treatment of psychiatric illness and other aspects of the pathological behavior of psychological theories, beliefs, and methods. Qualified Mental Health Professional.


These may involve a vast variety of conditions, including depression, anxiety, misuse of drugs, sexual dysfunction, addictions, eating disorders, and violent behavior. The causes of abnormal behavior are often investigated by a clinical psychologist to anticipate and avoid maladjustment. Best Qualified Mental Health Professional in India.

How is a Clinical Psychologist differ from a Counselor and Psychiatrist?

All the above professionals deal with the mental concerns of a person, treating people suffering from mental disorders or emotional distress by offering psychotherapeutic treatments, although there are slight differences in terms of treating a patient and educational backgrounds:


  • Counselors: A counselor is someone who may also hold the title of a therapist and acts as a life advisor and guide to people suffering from distress and depression. They work with customers to help them define their ambitions, expectations, potential, and find viable solutions to issues that cause them emotional distress. 

    They specialize in increasing engagement, coping, self-esteem, and encouraging positive behavior amongst their patients. 
    Qualified Mental Health Professional in India.


  • Clinical Psychologist: A clinical psychologist is an individual who holds a doctoral degree. They usually specialize in mind and behavioral studies. They are outstanding in identifying and treating behavioral and emotional problems.

    They focus on a medical point of view and are qualified to provide tests, examinations, findings, and interviews to identify disorders. These individuals rely more on philosophy, research, and clinical experience to understand the psychology of their clients and help them gain a better quality of life.


  • Psychiatrist: A major difference between a psychiatrist and other professions is that psychiatrists are licensed practitioners who may also prescribe medicines and offer other services, such as psychotherapy.

    They also monitor the impact of mental illness on other existing physical problems that one might have. They are less likely to be involved in psychiatric therapy and more likely to be involved in the treatment side of the case, diagnosis as well as a prescription.


Unlike the previous professions mentioned, psychiatrists are medical doctors registered with the Medical Council of India (MCI). Such specialists specialize in the prevention and treatment of mental disorders.

Importance of Clinical Psychology

A clinical psychologist can assist patients with severe mental illnesses that can interfere with their daily routines, such as depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders. These are the problems that hold us back from finding satisfaction in our lives and happiness. Qualified Mental Health Professional in India.


Majorly a clinical psychologist assists the patients who are suffering from any kind of mental illness. This will typically require the use of clinical methods based on current neuroscientific studies.


Read below some of the key pointers that how a clinical psychologist is of utmost importance:


  • Medical and mental health treatment enables patients to recover from a major depressive disorder or stage.

  • It provides help with anxiety disorders such as panic attacks and other types of mental concerns.

  • Clinical psychology helps individuals cope with urges and obsessive thoughts. 

  • They also support patients in coping with private relationships such as that of family care or marital issues. 

How do I Find the Right Clinical Psychologist?

Choosing the right Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist in India is extremely important and can sometimes be a difficult task. It is very difficult to get the right doctor who knows the precise conditions of their patients and is capable of breaking through the complexities of mental problems.


Moreover, the connection and bond between the patient and the doctor are also very crucial for the proper functioning of the process.


Finding a Qualified Mental Health Professional in India can be done by searching the web or even find references through your family or friends. Check for their reviews and a thorough background search is advisable.

Why choose us?

At “Holistically yours”, we care for our patients and help them find peace within themselves through secure and comfortable therapies. 


Every part and feature of the life of a person is intimately interconnected and explainable only by relation to the whole. The word "holistically" therefore focuses not only on an individual's psychological well-being but also on his physical, moral, social, and cultural well-being. Qualified Mental Health Professional in India.

On your special path towards healing and self-discovery, we would love to help you.


Our services


 We offer the following types of therapy sessions:


  • Individual therapy

  • Couples Therapy

  • Family Therapy

  • Group Therapy

  • Distance Therapy

  • Psychological Assessment

  • Psychological Consultant

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