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Feedback I’ve Received

Client Experiences

I was diagnosed with depression and I decided to take therapy with Shubhika. She helped me deal with the depression without letting me feel negative about myself and brought motivation and hope in my life again. She made me explore and think on aspects that I never paused to relate to my problem. I became okay and got my wife also for therapy with her. I am glad I found her as my therapist.

- T.K.S

Holistically Yours has given me a whole new perspective to understanding the relationship that I have with myself and those around me. As an individual troubled with feelings of inferiority, anxiety and  low self esteem, I found an accepting and safe space to express my vulnerabilities. Therapy at Holistically Yours has not just helped me manage and understand my anxieties but has also enabled me to become compassionate and accepting towards myself. And life has never been better!

- A.S

When I started the therapy, I was quite hesitant, I was not sure if it would be helpful, or if you were a good fit as a therapist to me. But as we progressed, there was an evident, noticeable improvement in my mindset and my attitude towards everything I did. I was not this hopeless ever-anxious guy anymore. I would struggle so hard to rest my mind and get a good sleep. Now I see myself as a highly self-reliant and confident individual. You helped me understand myself better. Those grounding exercises to reduce anxiousness are still helpful and will always continue to be, I feel.
Completing my therapy was probably one of the best things I have done to help myself, and thanks to you for facilitating this.

- 24 Year old male P.G. Student

Thank you so much!! You've taken a lot of effort to work with my issues and me.... You're super helpful and I find you understand and perceive things really well and have good clarity of thought. I have had my fair share of struggles with therapists and doctors but I'm super comfortable with you as my therapist.... I'm really really grateful to you.

- 28/M

One's mental health must be strong in order to  unlock the full potential. But our past experience and insecurities let us down. Same happened with me but I got Shubhika as a guide to deal with my insecurities and taught me the value of introspection. I have seen positive changes in my behavior and found solutions for the problems I have facing lately. She is best in her field and exactly knows how to give space and confort during sessions. Which helps unlock many things leads toward improvement on daily basis.

- Ishant, 29/M

Shubhika is an empathetic therapist who listens ardently to everything you have to say. Her warm demeanor establishes a sense of comfort right from the start that allows one to open up without inhibitions. She understands what exactly the person needs and adopts a relevant approach. She offers interesting perspectives that help you understand yourself better and has simple and practical tips and exercises to help.

- Female/29

Guilt , Anxiety , Depression were three demons which haunted me when I started my therapy with Shubhika. My skepticism & hesitation to join therapy were thrown out of the window when she introduced me to some scientifically backed methods like 'Psychosomatic Inkblot Test', trust rock took to shape when outlet of my insecurities was very well received by Shubhika. Reciprocation & Empathy are one of the few words very well defined in her dictionary. I went to this therapy from a guy who wrote suicide note while starting the therapy to a guy who thought that former guy was stupid enough to write that note. Few consistent exercises told by her like breathing exercise, socratic questioning, notes to self about being grateful helped to get through. Glad I could reach out to her in tough times.

- A.R

Shubhika is an extremely compassionate, confident and articulate person. She is also a great listener - so it was very easy to feel comfortable around her instantly. 
She has a strong hold on her subject and in my experience, has always offered practical and relevant advice. 
Shubhika taught me to accept my feelings and stay with them, which has helped me become a more self-aware individual.
She's ever ready to try out new approaches. Also, she didn't shy away from pushing me when it was necessary and at the same time, giving me ample space and time when I needed it. 
Super grateful for her :)

- Vishaka 

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